Don't just watch the game.
Be a part of it!

Sporsta is here to change the way sports is played and enjoyed. Get the free Sporsta app to take your part in the world of sports.

All aspects of the game

Get live scores and match details, view standings and stats, check out the transfer market, read news from all your favorite newspapers.

It's better together

Share your fever with all others. Join the community. Follow teams, players, newspapers or your friends to build your very own news feed.

Take your part

Spread your ideas, share what you think, reach directly to teams, managers or players and build your fame in the world of sports.

You're not only a spectator anymore

At Sporsta, you don't just watch the game and listen to what some exclusive people talk about it. We think you're also exclusive and we care about what you think.

Spread your ideas and make them count by sharing them on Sporsta. Build a name in the world of sports.

Sports is a lot more fun together

Do you think the referee did have some unfair decisions last night? Or do you have starting line-up suggestions for the upcoming match? Don't keep it to yourself. Share all your fever, excitement, ideas and suggestions with others, inspire them and be inspired by their exciting new ideas.

Your very own news feed

As the things you're interested in are unique to you, so must be your news feed. Don't bother filtering out the content you really want to see in a bunch of unrelated things.

Follow teams, players, newspapers or even your friends and get all their news and updates delivered right into your very own news feed that we tailor specially for you.

One app to replace all news apps

Do you also read news from multiple sources? You don't need to browse their apps and websites one by one, trying not to get lost in that mess.

Sporsta brings all popular news sources from all around the world right into your news feed. Read news in a beautifully cleaned reader view when it's available.

Reach directly to managers or players

Do you think your team's manager is missing a point about the upcoming game or would you like to see that star player transfering to your favorite team? Just tell them.

Send anyone a direct message to hand in your suggestions and ideas or mention them in a post to publicly attract their attention.

Check fixtures, standings and stats

View a player's recent form or a team's upcoming fixture. Review details of every match, watch YouTube videos about them, see what others are talking about and join the conversation. Have a look at the current standings and top performers in a league.

All aspects of the game are put together for you to enjoy, get into and talk about.

Get notified about all the action

Have a glimpse of all the results, match facts and details of the night or add the teams or matches you're interested in to your list to get notified about all the action as it happens.

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